We are selling agricultural products grown in Altai region and Siberian Federal District
We take the leading position at the grain market of Altai region


OOO «Elli» is one of the leaders of Altai region grain market. OOO «Elli» was founded in September, 2005 as group of companies, actively engaged in purchasing and sales of agricultural products, its storage and grain conditioning.

The head quarter is located in Barnaul. Industrial units (elevators) are located in Lenki (Blagoveshchenskiy district, Altai region), at Arbuzovka Station (Pavlovskiy district, Altai region) and in Novosibirsk region at Krasnoserskaya station. Also, there are grain stores in the Mamontovo village.

Being an expert of grain market, OOO «Elli» is forming optimal offers of good quality agricultural products for processors.

The company is selling agricultural products at domestic market of Russia and also offers to export its product to the CIS and other foreign countries.

ООO “Arbuzovskiy elevator”
Grain capacity of this factory is 70,000 tons.
The elevator afford the opportunity to implement grain receiving of different crops up to 3 000 tons per day.
Total capacity of grain dryers is about 2 000 tons per day.

ООO «Khlebnaya baza №39»
The grain storage capacity – 200 000 t. This factory is equipped with modern high-performance cereal dryers, one of which is located at the elevator and other three – in the grain storages line.

OAO "Polovinnovskiy elevator"
It is located in Novosibirsk region of Krasnoserskiy district. Its grain storage capacity make 106 000 ton.

OOO «Elli» takes the leading position at the grain market of Altai region, it is one of the reliable and dynamically developing companies.

450 000 tof total elevator storage capacity

540 000 taverage annual grain turnover

55 000 haof agricultural area

Sale of cereal crops

We offer grain, bean and oil-bearing crops according to the GOST and quality control.

We provide stable and uninterrupted deliveries of agricultural production.

We supply with our agricultural products domestic market of Russia, the CIS countries and other foreign countries.

We organize supplies by road and rail.

Our company delivers the following grain range, used for food and feeding purposes:

 -wheat, oats, barley, rye, millet, buckwheat

 -pea, lentil, chick-pea

-sunflower, soy, rape, flax


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Shumakova St., 23A, Business center “Status”, office 100, 656058, Barnaul, Russia

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